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4000 GAL WATER TANK- Contact us for a quote

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Horizontal ellipsoid geometry, 4000 gallons nominal capacity, to service CONSTRUCTION WATER, to work at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature (32 to 140°F), 96” wide by 180” in shell length, crafted from 3/16” thick plate carbon steel grade A-36 with one baffle, 2 base plate “Z” shapes, two lift lugs, one square manway, one 6” pipe water filling opening,

Includes the following accessories.

A. One each fill up 2 ½” diameter pipe array.

B. One each rear access ladder.

C. Two each 60” long fenders with end plates and flat bars to support dust aprons.

D. Two each rear stop lights brackets (AS PER DESIGN).

E. One each license plate support bracket with ½” steel conduit.

F. Four each side lights brackets with ½” steel conduit.

G. One each back stop lights mounted in filling pipe arrangement.

H. Tank shell as described above.


One each Rear Spray Bar.

One each Middle Spray Bar.

One each Front Spray Bar.

One each Pump Manifold.

One set of 4 each Mounting Bracket.